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Yogaherz represents the love for Yoga and the power within us to open our hearts for transformation. It is an approach to life that is balanced and healthy on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.  In today’s busy and over stimulated world it is often difficult to stay grounded and in the moment. There are so many pressures and distractions that we often lose touch with ourselves and our overall well-being.

Yogaherz helps you to reconnect with yourself so that you can feel balanced and at ease.  Peace and serenity come when we take time to care for ourselves. Connecting with our mind, body and spirit allows us to feel more grounded and centered.

The body and mind should be fed with positive energy. By making small changes in our lifestyle, in the way we eat, how we spend free time and even how we set our goals we can see remarkable progress in taking care for ourselves.

Spirituality is also a key factor to maintaining a calm and peaceful approach to life. We can’t avoid the stressful nature of the outside world, but we can make different choices and apply practices that help us to feel more connected and grounded. By taking time to practice yoga, pranayama and meditation we give ourselves the opportunity to connect to our true spiritual nature.

Yogaherz offers many ways to find your yoga heart and to develop a healthier and more fulfilling approach to life.  We offer yoga classes, private lessons, workshops, retreats, coaching and Yoga of Recovery consultations.  Please join us for a class, a consultation, a workshop or a retreat and see how simple it can be to improve your life. Om Shanti


Michel Manser

When I was 32, I discovered my Yoga heart.  Since then my life has been constantly evolving.  When I found my yoga heart, the upward spiral of my life began and I finally found my path of destiny. The spiritual practices of Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation have become some of my favorite tools for a balanced life in happiness. This inner path combined with healthy food, Ayurveda and Recovery 12 step programs are a truly powerful way of transformation and liberation.

The power and the possibility for transformation that I experienced myself is something I like to give away.  I enjoy passing on this opportunity to others so that they can live a balanced and happy life.

I’m a certified Vinyasa and Yin Yoga Teacher as well as a certified Yoga of Recovery counselor.  My 4 year Hatha Yoga study is certified in the European and German standards BDU & EYU.


Nicole Spencer

I am a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance as well as a certified counselor in Yoga of Recovery and a Co-active life coach.  I received my yoga teacher certification at RYS Sanapurna     Yoga & Ayurveda and Yogalife and my Yoga of Recovery counselor certification with Durga Leela.

I began my yoga journey while working in the corporate world of banking. Amazed at how the practice helped alleviate the stresses of my working life and helped me achieve a much-needed personal balance, I became eager to learn more about why yoga was so beneficial to me. The more yoga I practiced, the more I discovered that yoga had the ability to meet me wherever I was in my physical, mental, and emotional state.  It allowed me to evolve and grow more flexible, both on and off the mat.

Once I completed my teacher training and started teaching, my connection to yoga continued to strengthen and I found an increasing desire to spend more of my time sharing the benefits of yoga and self development with others.  Yoga inspired me to a level that I had never achieved during my long banking career. I finally found my yoga heart!

I left my career in early 2015 to devote my life to helping others in need of relief and healing as I once did; physically, mentally and spiritually. I am an active proponent of healthy and balanced living and I am honored to share this experience with others.  I seek to help others to overcome obstacles that prevent them from finding their true self.  I am known for my authentic and non-judgmental teaching style, while encouraging students to connect their body, mind and breath.

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